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Instructions for participating

Hello and welcome to your Virtual Design Coffee, thank you for taking part!

This month’s theme

  • As practitioners, how can we support each other in challenging times?

The theme can be a starting point to your conversation. You do not need to cover this and you will not be asked to report back on your conversation.

Key information

  • You and your partner for this round have been CC’d in the email. These are the contact details for you to connect on
  • One of you needs to initiate the conversation, it doesn’t matter who. Use the email as a starting point to arrange a virtual coffee
  • You have until the end of the month to schedule this coffee
  • If you’d like to skip the next round, please let me know in reply to the email by the last week of the month


We recommend that you aim for a 20-30 minute video chat, and it is usually a good idea to agree in advance on a couple of topics you’d like to cover. The subject(s) of your conversation do not have to be related to design, but sharing some of the things you’ve been working on or are interested in has often been a good starting point. Otherwise, feel free to use the suggested theme above.

You can use any video-conferencing platform of your choice. It is up to you and your partner whether you do cameras on or off, but consider that seeing each other may make for a more convivial atmosphere.


If you’ve been paired together before:

  • So sorry! We’ve been doing these since April 2020, so it’s almost impossible to avoid this sometimes.
  • If you’d like a new pair, reply to the email and I’ll arrange that. If you’re happy to meet your partner for the second time, go ahead!

Struggling to receive my emails:

  • I suggest you add to your contact list. If this doesn’t help, please get in touch with me directly to resolve the issue.

If you can’t reach your partner:

  • Please let me know and I will follow up.
  • If you are no longer able to do the meet up yourself, please consider your partner and let them know. CC me in your cancellation of the meeting as I will offer alternative arrangements to your partner.

Need to accommodate for your time zone:

  • Please get in touch with me if you are in a timezone that has made it difficult to organise those coffees. If I have a note of your time zone, I can try to rejig the random pairing a little where possible! 🙂

Withdraw from the coffees

If you want to skip a month, pause indefinitely, or completely withdraw, please let me know in the email. I appreciate your help with this as it avoids missed coffee opportunities for interested participants.


I appreciate all your feedback – please email me at with comments or questions. I hope you enjoy your coffee!

All the very best in the meantime,

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